We can't stop talking about Artificial Intelligence in foggy, unsophisticated ways - and it's leading us down a path we may never be able to turn back from
As the world adjusts to life mid-pandemic, we're moving rapidly towards a widely-masked society. But masked citizens present new tensions for diverse…
Coronavirus has plunged a global economy into a tailspin that we're scrambling to correct. But philanthropy isn't the answer to global inequality - and…
Despite new public health measures all over the world, Orbán is the first to succeed at a comprehensive, dictatorial power-grab
There's been widespread criticism of their lacklustre Coronavirus strategies - so why are Johnson and Trump seeing a huge spike in their approval…
The Coronavirus crisis blasts light through the gaping holes in Western economic ideology. Can our collective future afford such a delicate system?
Coronavirus has invoked a historic, government-backed halt on work. What happens in a rentier economy when capitalism folds?
To kill the Coronavirus, global air travel is cancelled. Now airlines across the world are in crisis, and begging for state bailouts
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Human Futures by Thomas K R